Who We Are 


It all started in a 8x14 ft. laundry room converted to a perfect little designers studio, crystal chandelier and all. Roberta the founder and head designer of Drift On Island has not always been a fashion designer. With her Bachelor's degree in fine arts from Boston University Roberta has always had a interest in the creative world. She takes great inspiration from her parents, who always pushed her to do what she loves and to make sure she has fun while she does it. This alone has pushed her to start this new adventure into the fashion industry!  

Drift On Island is not only a fashion company, it's a philosophy, and a way of life. It's appreciating the resources we have around us and taking nothing for granted. Every garment is made with love in the United States, with positive vibes. We take inspiration from the nature that is all around us as we have studios in Boca Grande, FL and Cape Cod, MA. 

Life is about taking chances, and doing something you love, so come drift away with us on this crazy adventure as we "avoid stress and pursue beauty".  

Thanks so much. 

Roberta Hurlburt
Founder + President

Very excited to introduce the newest member to the Drift team, Saudia Ali, the Operating and Marketing Manager. A new Drift babe on board!

Saudia Ali
Operating + Marketing Manager