See You Next Summer, Cape Cod!

So long, northern friends! We packed up all our sewing supplies, fabrics, and essential roadtrip snacks, and we're headed back down south.

In case you forgot: Drift On Island operates out of both Boca Grande, Florida, and Cape Cod, Massachusetts. We spend our summers creating in Cape Cod and our winters on Boca Grande. Yep, we're totally snowbirds. And as much as we native Floridians have a slight disdain for snowbirds, we Drift Babes have officially turned into these seasonal travelers. Sorry, fellow Floridians!

We had a wonderful summer in the Cape and were so fortunate to be able to create and be inspired by the local flavors, people, and nature. With plenty of delicious lobstah in our bellies and lovely memories to go along with it, this summer was surely one to remember. Our Cape Cod collection pulses with a New England style that's so unapologetically American, and we love that about it.

Although we can't wait to head back up to the Cape next year, we're pretty stoked to be heading down to the Sunshine State for winter. The Florida lifestyle in winter is one-of-a-kind, and to be honest, we're missing the balmy weather quite a bit! So, stay tuned to see what beachy creations we come up with as we spend our snowbird season off the southwest coast of Florida. We think you're going to love the tropical infusions that are coming Drift's way. Oh, and if you happen to be in town, give us a shout and come say hello! We'd love to give some pointers on where to stay, eat, and shop in Boca Grande. It's our humble island home, and we are eager to share it with you all.

Ready to see some Florida sunshine in our designs? We sure are.

The sunrise as we left Cape Cod this morning. Until next year, Cape studio!

The sunrise as we left Cape Cod this morning. Until next year, Cape studio!




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