Unique Home Office Organization Tips

With the Internet providing so many jobs nowadays and the slow but surely death to 9-5 gigs, there are plenty of people who have the luxury to work from home. From writers to marketers to designers, all kinds of entrepreneurs and employees have discovered the work-from-home life. While it is amazing to enjoy the freedom of working in yoga pants, it can also be a learning curve trying to keep things organized.

When you have to report to an office every morning, all the tools for success are already there: a desk, drawers, supplies, and so on. But when your office is somewhere in your home, it can be difficult to keep things organized to foster productivity.

Since we consider ourselves low-key experts on the art of organizing small office spaces (peek our studios in case you need a refresher), we thought it'd be a great idea to share the wealth. Wealth being knowledge, that is. We are big fans of repurposing items and giving them new life, and we don't shy away from this tactic when it comes to organizing our workspace. There's no need to splurge on pricey office organization supplies when you likely have perfect pieces laying around your house!


Clever Containers

A container is simply something that holds your items, so why shell out lots of cash on a shiny new box? Surprisingly, what you already own could serve as an even better organizer than what the store can offer you. Take our charming tin bucket with 6 slots, for example. This little caddy is ideal as a supply organizer, especially because it's big enough to fit our large supplies like scissor varieties.


Look Up

Another key to successful organization is to make the most use of your space. Many people make the mistake of not utilizing their wall space to store things. Little do they know, the walls are ideals places to hang organizers because they clear up desk space and allow more room for activities. One of our favorite wall installments is the savvy use of a fly fishing pole. We use it to hold our ribbons and trim--not only is it useful, but it adds to the overall vibe and decor of our space. Double-duty items that serve as functional and fashionable are always a plus.

Decor with a Purpose

To piggy-back off that last idea of finding double-duty items, we also enjoy reusing old things and turning them into decor. Just like our fly fishing pole now functions as our ribbon and trim holder, we also enlisted the help of a vintage grain scoop to display our studio foliage. Because it's a repurposed item, it adds a lot more personality and style to our space than a plain old shelf would.

Of course, you could also say the same about our giant safety pins. Not only are these things decorative, but they're being put to use, too! It just goes to show that anything you have can be turned into a handy organizational tool, so long as you're willing to get creative with it. 


Other Handy Organization Tricks

A few more of our favorite and easy home office organization tricks use the same idea of repurposing items to have new roles.

  • Clip binder clips to the edge of your desk. Loop your charger cords into the wires so they are always handy and you're not reaching on the floor to grab them. 
  • A metal dish drying rack can now become a magazine or book holder. The grates act as separators.
  • Put together a DIY tiered cake stand to hold any little trinkets or notebooks that don't have a home. Simply spray paint a tall candlestick (the more vintage-looking, the better!) and glue three small-to-large tin trays in a tiered arrangement. See it here.


Are there any old items in your home that could be repurposed for a more functional use? What is hardest for you when it comes to organization?



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