Beauty Must-Haves - What the Drift Babes Can't Live Without

With all the access to beauty tutorial videos and the countless cosmetics products on the market, it can be easy to get lost in everything. Especially if you don't consider yourself a beauty guru, sometimes it's just not realistic to latch onto every single beauty trend. Not everyone likes to spend an hour layering products on their face, and not everyone knows how to twist their tresses into impossible hairdos.

At Drift, we believe that natural beauty is worth celebrating. After all, you won't be wearing fake lashes when you're swimming at the beach! We like to keep things simple when it comes to beauty, and we've found that certain beauty elements have become our go-to techniques for looking presentable in a couple minutes.

The Drift Babes can't live without their...

Hair Sticks & Clips

Along with '90s fashion, '90s hair styles are coming back. We find ourselves constantly using hair sticks to pull our hair back when we need to quickly throw it up. They are so convenient, and you don't need proper hair sticks to pull it off. Grab anything you havepencils, chopsticksthat's sturdy enough. 

In the same vein, giant hair clips are also our saviors. When you don't have time for a perfect topknot (because we all know those aren't as effortless as they look), simply clip up your hair and be done with it! We typically use hair sticks and clips when our hair is wet and we don't want to deal with it. These handy little tools keep our manes contained in a messy but chic way.


Mascara or Eyeliner

Looking presentable doesn't mean you have to paint your face completely. Sometimes simplicity is best. When we're feeling a little lazy and don't want to put on a full face of makeup, our must-have is a swipe of mascara or a delicate eyeliner. We use one or the other, depending on the day and the style we're going for.

Light mascara is an easy way to open up your eyes and make you look a little more put-together without going gung-ho. Similarly, a thinly lined top eyelid (with bare lashes) can make a statement without looking too done up as well. It brings attention to your eyes without looking like you tried too hard.


Pink or Seasonal Lip Color

Another way to instantly add polish to your look without having to consult 20 different products is a statement lip. Every now and then, a seasonal or trendy lip color can be your greatest tool. Lately, we're loving matte gray, purple, and burgundy huesthey're dark and autumnal, but not too dark.

However, if you're feeling more low-key, a pretty pink lip color works wonders on your complexion without being too dramatic. When donning lip color, though, it's best to keep all other makeup minimal. You want to let your lips have the spotlight.


Braids and Buns

Especially when our hair is a day or two old, we love to twist it up and out of our faces. Of course, this isn't without the help of dry shampooseriously, we live and breathe by the stuff! But we'd be nowhere without simple braids and buns. These basic hairstyles offer lots of room for tweaking and creativity, and they offer something different than your average ponytail.

Even if you wanted to kick it up a notch, learning how to french and fishtail braid is surprisingly quite simple. We love doing loose fishtails for a relaxed yet unique look.


Blush & Bronzer

For a fresh-faced look that doesn't feel caked on, blush and bronzer are the best. Adding a little rosiness to your cheeks with blush instantly warms up your face, and a touch bronzer can give you a sunkissed look even if you haven't made it to the beach in months. Use your blush and bronzer sparingly, though. You'd hate to look like a clown or Snookie in her Jersey Shore clubbing days. Just a little bit of either one goes a long way!


Nude Nails and Loud Toenails

Our last must-have is in the area of nail polish. We love to get pampered with manicures just as much as the next woman, but that's not always a realistic option. In between salon trips, we don't like our nails to go untended, so we paint them nude and neutral colors. Sometimes, just a clear coat does the trick. Having neutral nails allows them to match anything you wear, and you won't get sick of them.

When it comes to toenails, though, that's where we like to have fun. Bright and fun colors look fantastic on your toes as they grip they sand and take you to the shoreline. Save the bold hues for your feet! 

What are your go-to hair and makeup looks for simple, everyday wear?