3 Spooky Things Your Halloween Party Needs

Time is flying! How is it already Halloween? It feels just like yesterday we were bikini shopping for new summer suits.

If you're scrambling for some spooky ideas to spruce up your Halloween party this year, we found some of the best things to make your Halloween party memorable. It'll be so memorable, in fact, that people will be talking about for holidays to come. Are you ready to throw a scary soirée that your guests are going to love?

1. Festive Snacks

One of the easiest ways to get your guests in the spooky mood is to provide simple but scary snacks. Incorporating the theme into the food is a surefire way to make sure your party is a hit. Some of our favorite Halloween snack ideas are hot dog mummies, poison candy apples, monster apple bites, and mini mice cakes. These treats are hauntingly good!


2. Tasteful Decor

It can be difficult not to go overboard with the decorations. Especially when there are so many products available, it can feel nearly impossible not to pick up one of everything. However, if you like throwing more stylish get-togethers, it's important to keep the decor tasteful. Adding a Halloween atmosphere can be done easily with simple additions like themed plastic-ware, spiderwebbed couches, and cut-out construction paper bats flying across an empty wall. We also love the idea of having a "photo" area: just hang up a black sheet and decorate it how you'd like. Let people know the party hashtag, and let them snap away in front of your DIY backdrop. It'll keep people entertained all night (or day) long!


3. Ghoulish Games

Whether or not there will be kids at your party, games are a great way to get guests interacting with one another and really feeling festive. There are plenty of twists on common party games that you can easily do yourself for an easy but thoughtful shindig addition. For example, there's candy corn bingo, mummy bowling, and creepy crawly cornhole. For prizes, put together a trick-or-treat bag with all kinds of silly and scary goodies.

We hope everyone enjoys their Halloween! What are everyone's costumes? 



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