Travel Essentials: What's in Our Carry-On?

In case you haven't noticed by now, we Drifters sure love to jet-set. And, honestly, who doesn't? Besides the people who are deathly afraid of flying, we're pretty sure lots of our fellow Drifters have an insatiable appetite for adventure. There are always new horizons to discover, unique cultures to immerse in, and breathtaking feats of nature to appreciate.

When heading to a destination, it's important to have the right supplies and items with you as you travel. Packing can be quite tricky, but when you do it enough, you get it down to a science. Though it's difficult to pack light, it's so crucial for your comfort and the ease at which you can travel from place to place. So today we're going over some of our best tips for packing a carry-on. Ready to see what we make sure to always bring in our carry-on bag?


A Scarf/ Pashmina

The temperature on flights can be very unpredictable. Instead of lugging around an extra coat you have to keep putting on and taking off, we like to consolidate space and bring a large pashmina in a fun print. This is one of those items that's both fashionable and functional--our favorite!

A scarf/pashmina can fold up to be very small when you're not using it. You can also use it as a makeshift pillow or blanket on the flight. Then, you can use it as a head wrap to hide greasy plane hair, or you can add it to your outfit for a fresh look as you step off the plane. 


Compact, Cover-Up, and Lip Balm

It might sound a little vain, but something about flying on long flights can make you feel just plain yucky. Chalk it up to the weird pressure in the plane cabin or the abundance of people breathing in one confined area, but sometimes you land at your destination feeling worn out and not-so-glamorous. That's why a quick makeup refresher can really boost your morale.

Whip out a compact mirror, dab a little powder on your nose, conceal some lack-of-sleep circles under your eyes (if you have any), and give your lips a new coat of moisturizer. If you're heading straight to meet someone, maybe stash one of the lipstick hues we mention here for an extra pop. Also, bring face wipes!


Yoga Pants

Whether you choose to wear your yoga pants on the plane or want to take them in case you decide to change later, these stretchy pants are always a good travel item. If you're like us and don't want to seem too frumpy on your flight, pick a pair of yoga pants that has a little pizzazz.

The Lobster Love pants in our Cape Cod collection are the perfect blend of stylish and comfortable to make your flight a happy one. Plus, because of the soft fabric, these pants take up minimal space and don't add extra weight. Talk about your new favorite pair pants.



Some days, our idea of literature is a good ol' fashion magazine. There's never a bad time to catch up on trends and pop culture. But, sometimes, we like a little more substance. If we do decide to bring the book we've been reading, we make sure it's not too impossibly thick because then it will just weigh us down. It's advised to bring a book or piece of reading material that won't take up too much space in your bag--especially if you finish it on the flight, you'll feel silly lugging it around for the remainder of your trip. 

What's on our reading list? Girl Boss by Sophia Amoruso comes to mind. We also love the idea of reading your literature on a device like an iPad or tablet, since your iPad has multiple uses and consolidates the items you bring.


The "What-Ifs"

Lastly, we try to pack smart items that will come in handy "if" something unfortunate/unplanned happens, as it usually goes with traveling. Some of these "what-if" items are in case your luggage is lost or there is theft. For example, we bring extra undergarments in case we don't get our bags for a few days. We also pack our valuables in our carry-ons in case some airline theft occurs.

Other what-if items can be everything from pain reliever meds for impromptu headaches and pains, toothbrush and toothpaste, and even a photocopy of our ID or passport. Having a copy of your ID can be crucial if something happens and you lose your wallet or it's stolen or you simply misplace your ID. You can't fly without it. 


Traveling is one of the greatest joys in life, and we thank our lucky stars every day that we are healthy enough and able to fly when we want to visit a new locale. Packing the right travel essentials in your carry-on is just one thing you can do to make your trip even better and stress-free.

So, we've told you what's in our carry-on... But what are some things you make sure you never leave without?



The Drift Babes