5 Fun Fall/Winter Beach Activities

We are beach-lovers through and through. There's just something about the beach that brings so much natural joy and relaxation. But what happens when the weather gets too cold to galavant in our swimsuits?

It would be a shame to say goodbye to the beach for multiple months out of the year, and luckily we don't have to. There are all kinds of ways to enjoy the beach during the fall and winter months--you just have to get a little creative! 

Try one of our favorite fall and winter beach activities below. We guarantee you'll gain a whole new appreciation for seaside hangouts.


Beach Bonfire 

We had to get this timeless beach activity out of the way first, mostly because it's always an awesome idea. We recommend making sure your beach has no restrictions on fires before you spark one up. Otherwise, get a group of friends together, round up a bunch of cozy blankets, and pile on some dry wood. Oh, and don't forget the s'mores! Bonus points if you have a friend who can jam on the guitar.



Similar to a bonfire but better for the daytime, a picnic is a unique date idea that will be extremely memorable. Pack up some cold-weather favorites like chili, bring some chairs and blankets, and enjoy the casual dining in the great outdoors with the sea as your backdrop. How romantic!


Pick-up Football/ Volleyball

Why not bring your friends and family to the beach for a fun, active day? Instead of tearing up your backyard for your seasonal football games, have everyone test their skills in the sand. You can also play frisbee, soccer, or volleyball if your beach has a net set up. The possibilities ar endless!  


Treasure Hunting

With a lot fewer people on the sands, the winter time is ideal for treasure searching. Bring a bucket to carry with you as you walk along the beach, picking up cool finds that catch your eye. Maybe you'll be able to make some seaworthy jewelry from the shells you find!


Go Fishin'

You don't have to brave cold waters to snag a fish. Simply find a pier and cast your line--there are plenty of winter fishing opportunities. Make it a family event and spend the day chatting while you teach little ones how to reel in a big one. It's a great way to enjoy the beach during the winter! 


What's your favorite fall/winter beach activity?



The Drift Babes