Here's an Inside Look at the Drift Clothing Production Process

While owning a fashion company is truly a dream come true, we'd be lying if we said everything was easy. What a fairytale that would be! Just like any business, a fashion company has to go through many steps to become a reality, and we have been carefully taking these steps to ensure we bring you the absolute best product.

Since our lovely customers have been on this journey with us since Day 1, we thought it would only be appropriate to let you in on the clothing production process--aka the juicy part! 

This is the moment we've all been waiting for. Our Drift designs are almost ready to be on sale, but before we launch the shop, here's a look at the process of production from the very beginning...


Step 1: Brainstorming & Sketches

It all starts with an idea. And then another idea. And then another. And next thing we know, we are sketching up the stunning final designs you see on our models today. 


Step 2: Choosing Fabrics for Prototypes

Once we choose which designs to make, we then need to decide what fabrics the designs will feature. We have all kinds of fun fabrics in the studio, so picking just one can be hard sometimes! 


Step 3: Designing and Creation of the Prototype

Once we've decided on a fabric for the prototype, Founder Roberta then designs and makes the prototype in-studio.


Step 4: Prototype is Sent off to our Manufacturer

Since our prototype is simply a first design, we then turn it over to our wonderful manufacturer, Karnna Fashion Lab, so that they can create more of our products. Keeping business in the USA is important to us, and that's why we chose KFL--they're based in Pompano Beach, Florida. 


Step 5: Source Fabrics for Garments

Once our designs are in the hands of the manufacturer, we get to choose which fabrics we will make each design in. We then source those fabrics to cover the quantities we need created.


Step 6: Intricate Production Details 

KFL completes many steps in the production process that many people do not realize. Things like pattern making, fabric cutting, digitizing, numerous product fittings and adjustments, fabric design, sourcing notions, tagging, pressing, packaging, and many more intricate but important sections are completed during this process. 


Step 7: Online Store Prep

After we have approved the final fittings for a garment, we then get it in front of the camera. It's time for product shots! We take images of our designs to give you the best perspective at each detail on the online store.


Final Step: Launch the Online Store! 

Last but not least... The moment we've all been waiting for: the Drift On Island shop launch! Once we upload all of the products to the website, it's time to make the shop live and let our customers shop their favorites. 


We can't wait for the final step to be complete. Now is a good time for you to start making a list of the pieces you want--you never know who else has their eyes on them!

What's your favorite Drift garment you can't wait to get your hands on?