10 Stunning Beach Sunrises and Sunsets That Will Make You Fall In Love With Earth

We live by the sun and sleep by the moon.

There's no doubt that the sun is one of the most amazing things about living on Earth. Think about it. Every day, all over the world, this same, giant star is seen by billions of people. Each pair of eyes sees it differently. Someone sees the sun sinking behind a palm tree's silhouette, while another sees the sun creeping up behind a mountain's crest.

The sun gives us life. It is intrinsic to our being as humans. It strengthens us with Vitamin D. It warms our skin after spending three hours in a sub-zero doctor's office. It awakens us.

That big star in the sky is one constant we have on this Earth. It can bring contrasting cultures together; it's something we all know and understand. Now you try to tell us that's not amazing?

To show our sun a little love, we decided to round up some of our favorite beach sunrise and sunset images from all over the world. We dare you to take a look at these and not fall a little more in love with Mother Nature.

Sunrise in Long Island, New York

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Sunset in La Manga, Spain

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Sunset over the Dead Sea in Jordan

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Sunset in Borocay, Phillipines


Sunrise in New Smyrna Beach, Florida 

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Sunrise on Australia's East Coast


Sunset in Espinho, Portugal


Sunset in Cannon Beach, Oregon


Sunrise in Tulum, Mexico

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Sunset on Cape Cod, Massachusetts

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