Pantsuit or Dress? Cast Your Vote Here

It is Election Day here in the United States of America, so we thought it would be appropriate to tackle one of the most pressing questions this country is currently facing.

What's More Powerful: a Pantsuit or Power Dress?

Case in point #1: Hillary Rodham Clinton has been largely in favor of the pantsuits this election season, stepping out onto debate floors and rally stages in structured suits spanning the colors of the rainbow. 

Power level: As the first-ever female nominee for a major political party, HRC is already pulling quite the power move. Thus, by association, pantsuits receive a high power level simply by being Hillary's outfit of choice during this election.


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Case in point #2: Power dresses have been worn by plenty of women in the spotlight, showing that a feminine clothing choice and power are not mutually exclusive. Though Melania Trump is not technically in a position of power, she is in the public eye, and her white dress at the RNC spurred notable reactions.

Power level: High. Asserting power does not mean you cannot be feminine while doing so. Wearing a stylish power dress is equally as statement-making as a pantsuit, in our opinion.


The Outcome

While we believe there can definitely be a strong case made for both the pantsuit and the power dress, we must declare a tie in terms of which outfit choice is more powerful. If you want to dress for success, wear what makes you feel confident. Whether that confidence-boosting article is a dress or a perfectly pressed pantsuit, that's up to you and your personal style. When it comes to dressing for success, we are reminded of the Anne Klein quote: "Clothes are not going to change the world. The women who wear them will."

Well said, Anne, well said.

Now that we have cleared the air over this very controversial topic, won't you make sure you cast your ballot for the USA's presidential election? There is still some time left today to let your voice be heard. In the meantime, we'll be collecting votes for Pantsuit or Power Dress... feel free to comment your loyalty below! (Note: Neither clothing option has a party affiliation.)

CAST YOUR VOTE: When you want to feel confident and powerful, which one to do you reach for? A pantsuit or a power dress?



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