Looking Back on the Biggest Fashion Trends of 2016

It's hard to believe that the year is inching towards its end. It seems like just yesterday we were welcoming 2016 with open arms and endless optimism. Many of us even went so far as to declare that "2016 is going to be my year!"

But everything must come to an end. And as this monumental year for the United States is packing its bags to make way for a brand new year to grace our calendars, we can't help but be a bit nostalgic. After all, this year had a lot of notable moments. No, we're not talking about politics or other things that make you want to run and hide; we're talking about the fashion trends of 2016. 

Some were beautiful, some were innovative, and some were just plain strange. Put on your platform clogs and take a walk down memory lane with us as we recount the biggest fashion trends of 2016. It's gonna be a wild ride.



If there was one fashion trend that completely took over 2016, it would be the choker. These '90s-inspired necklaces came in all fabrics and styles--lace, velvet, nameplates, even DIY varieties.


Vintage-Fit Pants

We stashed away our skinnies and greeted some retro pant styles. From groovy wide-legged looks to straight-leg denim, there's no doubt that the waistlines inched higher and the hems got wider.


Off-the-Shoulder Anything

Peek-a-boo shoulders were everywhere in 2016. Dresses, tops, and rompers made use of the trend in all kinds of ways, giving the shoulders a dash of sex appeal in a way we didn't expect.


Statement Sunnies

Sunglasses got a lot more fabulous this year, appearing in futuristic styles with mirrored lenses. Basically, if your shades were plain, you weren't in the fashion game.


Old-School Athleisure Logos

Getty Images/ Diego Zuko

Getty Images/ Diego Zuko

Not only was athletic wear a whole new form of luxury, but the old-school logos of big-name brands also made a comeback. It became a fashion statement to simply sport a giant Adidas logo across your chest, and that's when we realized 2016 was full of strange fads.


Which of these fashion trends of 2016 did you wear? Are there any you're hoping will go away when 2017 rolls around?



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