Here's the Best Tropical Christmas Playlist for Island Dwellers

Having people over for Christmas Eve or just a good ole fashioned cocktail party to celebrate the holidays? While most people are shivering in their knickers during this time of year, we savvy island dwellers are slapping on the sunscreen and opening gifts in tank tops. 

And let's not forget those who decided to trade in their snowy white Christmas for a different kind of white Christmas... the kind spent on shining, white sands.

For those having a tropical Christmas, it's only right to have an appropriate music playlist to set the mood for the festivities. Since so many Christmas playlists are reminiscent of freezing temperatures, we decided to create our very own tropical Christmas playlist for those who are spending the holiday sleeveless.

Put these tunes on for your unconventional yuletide gathering, and prepare for plenty of compliments. 



Merry Christmas and happy holidays to our wonderful Drifters!



The Drift Babes