The Dictionary of Drift

There are some words in this world that can have many meanings. Take "love," for example. The word love can refer to romantic affection or it can simply be another word for respect and appreciation. 

Think of all the times you've heard the word "drift." Surely, you hear it a lot here on our Island Stylin' blog, but think about those other times outside of the Drift On Island world that you hear or see the term. 

Sometimes it's in a song, like "Waves" on our Monday Morning Work playlist: "Drifting away, wave after wave / Slowly drifting."

Sometimes it's used as a verb, when you find yourself floating in the ocean, following the currents of the sea and drifting down the shoreline. 

And sometimes it's used to describe a person.

Well, it's time we get to defining "drift" once and for all. Here's our Dictionary of Drift for your perusal.

Drift, Defined

Drift, verb: to be slowly carried by water

Drift On Islandnoun: an island chic fashion company inspired by nature, committed to avoiding stress, pursuing beauty, and putting out the best possible USA-made product possible.

Driftwood, noun: a piece of wood that has washed ashore.

Drift Babe, noun: a stylish babe who is passionate about life, adventures, beaching it, and chic fashion. A Drift Babe is an official Drift On Island follower, adopting the company's values as her own (see above for more about Drift On Island).

Drifter, noun: (1) a person who continually moves from place to place and has a vagabond lifestyle.

Drifter, noun: (2) a Drift On Island follower of any age or gender who shares the adventures and appreciative values of the company.


Drift on, friends! 



The Drift Babes