5 Things You Can do to Get into the Holiday Spirit

Since it's now December, we are officially smack dab in the middle of the holiday season. People are stressing about gift shopping while others are busy perfecting their Christmas cookie recipes. Though everyone experiences the holiday season in a myriad of ways, this time of year is busy for pretty much all of us. Between the traveling to see family and get-togethers popping up on ur social calendars, it can seem like there's barely any time to breathe and enjoy it all before everything is over.

How Do I Get into the Holiday Spirit?

Sometimes, you look around, and everyone else seems to be feeling the joy that comes with the holiday season. But you're just not "feeling it" this year. It can be a little sad, can't it?

A lot of us (Drift Babes included) experience this strange feeling every now and then during the holidays, even if this time of year is usually our very favorite. It doesn't mean you've lost your soul or you've become a grinch. It just means maybe you let the stress get to you this year.

But we're here to fix that. It's still early enough in the month to get into the holiday spirit, and surprisingly, doing some of these things below can help you "feel it." Ready to become a carol-singing force of unstoppable holiday happiness? Try one of these five ways to get into the holiday spirit. You'll be glad you did.


1. Go Ice-Skating

The best part about ice-skating is it doesn't matter where you live; even places where it doesn't snow still have ice-skating rinks for you to enjoy. Slapping on a pair of skates and bundling up in ice-proof attire is a great way to celebrate the season and do something a little out of the ordinary to take your mind off all those gifts you still have yet to buy. Challenge your friends and family to a race if you're really feeling confident in your skating skills. 


2. Bake Christmas Cookies

We all know decorating the cookies is even better than actually eating them. So put your Michael Buble or N*SYNC Christmas album on the stereo, slip into some fuzzy slippers, and get to baking! Making Christmas cookies can be a great family activity or one you enjoy with girlfriends. You'll spend a fun night in eating a little too much raw cookie dough and trying your hand at some creative Christmas cookie masterpieces.


3. Go Light-Hunting

There is possibly nothing more enchanting than looking up at glimmering light displays on houses and other buildings. Is there a house on your block that goes all out for every holiday? Make a festive night activity out of driving around your neighborhood and others to scope out the best holiday lights. Oh, and make sure you've got festive tunes playing on the radio, too. Christmas music never fails to get you feeling jolly and bright.


4. Volunteer

Maybe you're having a hard time getting into the holiday spirit because you're not feeling the true essence of the season. Use some of your time this season to help others in need. There are plenty of non-profits and charities working hard this time of year to ensure others who are less fortunate have enough clothing, warmth, and food during the winter. Help the homeless have a hot meal, help poor families give their kids a Christmas, or help abandoned children feel loved. Do some Google searches to find a volunteer opportunity in your area that puts your skills to use.


5. Random Acts of Kindness

This season is all about spreading the love, and if you give goodwill to random strangers, you will surely start to feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Something about making others smile instantly makes you feel happier. Buy someone's coffee, put $10 in someone's mailbox, or babysit for free. A random act of kindness is simply something you do for another person that is unexpected yet generous. You can find lots of ideas here.


Surely after doing just one of these activities, you'll feel much more in the holiday spirit. Let us know which one you plan on doing this season!



The Drift Babes