See Inside Drift's Beach Studios

Where The Magic Happens

A successful fashion company would be nothing without its brick-and-mortar studios that house all the designs as they come to fruition. Some companies’ studios are stuffy and stiff. But at Drift On Island, we like to have a little fun as we create.

Step into our world as we show you our two seasonal studios in Boca Grande and Cape Cod.

Boca Grande

If you think having your design studio on a colorful Florida island sounds like the dream come true, you’re right. Imagine you’re the one of the Drift Babes walking into work…

First, you see the stunning arch of flowers above the gate to our beautiful Boca Grande studio. Being that Drift is inspired by nature, it was essential that our studios would have plenty of flowers, trees, and other flora surrounding them. You’ll see lovely blooms on the side of the Boca Grande studio as well.

You might be surprised to know that our Boca Grande studio (the original) was at first just a laundry room. But we imagined more for that 8-by-14-foot space. Decorating with a chic chandelier and some eclectic furniture, this little laundry room was the incubator for the majority of our first designs.

As Drift On Island grew, our studio was itching for a growth spurt as well. We recently added onto the original space, now expanding the Boca Grande studio into a full fashion house!

Oh, and did we mention we had a pool? With no shortage of sunny days in the Sunshine State, we made sure to uphold a nice tan as we worked poolside this summer, soaking in the rays and experiencing the great outdoors as we brainstormed.

Cape Cod

Although we love our studio in Boca Grande, it just didn’t seem right not to have one in Cape Cod, too. After all, this place is very near and dear to our founder Roberta’s heart. Roberta is from New Jersey, and she has very fond memories of the Cape and Nauset Beach specifically. Ever since she was a child, she’d spent her summers here with her family. To this day, Roberta spends her summers in Nauset Beach, a locale that will forever remind her of her parents and her childhood.

Having a second studio in this New England location brings a wealth of additional inspiration for both Roberta and Chelsea. Not only is it a much more northern location than the southwest coast of Florida, but Cape Cod is also home to whole new types of people and fashions. The overall lifestyle of Nauset Beach brings the Drift designs full circle, lending an eye to both northeastern beach style while bringing in the flair of Floridian island fashion.

Summers in Cape Cod, and winters in Boca Grande. Welcome to the Drift Babe headquarters, where the drinks are always cold and the music is always playing.



The Drift Babes