What Inspires Us?

Our Drift designers Roberta and Chelsea are constantly asked the age-old industry question:

"What inspires you?"

People ask how we get the ideas to design what we do. How did we think to use a certain material? What prompted us to make the hemline jagged?

For Drift, it's simply our surroundings. Nature. Being just two Earth-loving island girls, our designers draw their affinity for bright color from the crystal blue oceans that surround them. They get ideas from the vibrant green shrubbery and the picturesque flowers that serve as the backdrop of their everyday lifestyle. Drift's creations are simply a reflection of the beauty we call home. Being as blessed as we are to be Americans, we also made sure all manufacturing of Drift products would stay on our home turf--everything is American-made. The Lord has provided us all with these wondrous sights and the ability to enjoy them, and it is our designers' job to use their God-given talents to turn their blank canvas into something that transcends textiles and industry jargon. Drift strives to create masterpieces. These masterpieces are what we call our end designs.

Roberta's parents.

Roberta's parents.

But it's not just nature that gives us our design groove. Roberta and Chelsea would not have half the creative juices they do if it were not for the people that surround them as well. Whether they're pulling observations from celebrities or admiring their friend's fashion sense or remembering a stranger's bold pants, there is always inspiration to be gained from others. The biggest influencers for our designers, though, are family and those they consider family (though perhaps not by blood).


Roberta and Chelsea are both immensely close with their families. Roberta's parents have played such a large role in her life. They are since passed, but she often recalls them speaking to her in her dreams and everyday thoughts. As for Chelsea, she and her three siblings and fun-loving parents have a special bond too. Our Drift tribe has a vibe, and that vibe is charismatic, funky, and good-natured. That's what you see in our designs.

As true fashion girls, Roberta and Chelsea don't shy from consulting "The Fashion Bible," W magazine. Staying up to date on industry news and emerging trends is essential to Drift's groundbreaking yet relevant fashion design. And yes--we'll admit it--it's totally a guilty pleasure, too. So sue us. We also connect deeply with music, which is why a normal day in the Drift studio looks like a dance party. Having the various art forms at our fingertips and feeding us inspiration is what fuels us to create and bring our outside observations to life.

So, what inspires us?

Drift On Island is inspired by our love for what surrounds us: nature, family, friends, the USA, music, and of course, the never-ending love affair with fashion. We hope you love our designs as much as we love creating them.



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