Proud to Be Made in America

We shouldn't have to tell you that we're proud to be Americans, because it's pretty obvious that we are. We could have chosen to outsource our manufacturing for much cheaper overseas like a lot of "fast fashion" companies do. We could have put quantity over quality. We could have set aside our moral obligations to make a quick buck. We could have deprived our fellow hard-working Americans of jobs. 

But here's the thing... We didn't.

The Drift Babes are aware of the fact that we were blessed enough to be born in the greatest country in the world, and we're not willing to through that pride away. Not for money. Not for anything. 

Because the fact of the matter is: Being an American is priceless.

The United States is home to the most successful companies in the world. We have the most-visited websites. We have so many world-champion athletes it's hard to keep count. We're continually progressing in terms of gender pay equality, and measured by the amount of trademarks, we are "the most creative country that's ever existed."

We could go on and on about how wonderful it is to be a part of the country leading the world, but we like to have a little humble (apple) pie with our sweet tea.

For Labor Day, let's all remember that being an American is one of the greatest blessings you'll ever receive. Let's celebrate the day as it was meant to be celebrated: to honor the working people of our country.

Raise a glass this weekend to the hard-working American people that make Drift On Island just for you.

Happy Labor Day to all, and God Blass the USA. (USA, USA, USA!)



The Drift Babes