How to Incorporate Pantone's Fall Color Palette in Home, Beauty, and Fashion

So you already know what's trending in fashion, but how keen are you on the hottest fall colors this season? You might be thinking of the usual muted hues--mustard, rust, and the like--and while these tones are always fall season staples, there are some new colors on the block sure to be seen just about everywhere.

If you haven't heard of Pantone by now, here's the low-down. Pantone is THE color authority when it comes to the leading technology for the selection and accurate communication of color across a variety of industries.

Following New York Fashion Week, Pantone came out with swatches for the trending tones that emerged from the runways just last week. These resulting colors are to be referred to as the ultimate fall color palette for 2016--not only in terms of fashion, but for other aspects of your stylish life, too. Below, we will show you the Pantone fall 2016 color palette and give you great ideas on how to incorporate these heavenly hues into your autumn home decor, beauty, and more.

And the Pantone Fall 2016 Colors Are...

(From left to right)

  • Riverside

  • Airy Blue

  • Sharkskin

  • Aurora Red

  • Warm Taupe

  • Dusty Cedar

  • Lush Meadow

  • Spicy Mustard

  • Potter's Clay

  • Bodacious

"The desire for tranquility, strength, and optimism have inspired a Fall 2016 color palette that is led by the Blue family," says Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. As water-lovers, we Drift Babes can't help but salute a palette based on blue!


Using Pantone's Fall Color Palette in the Home

There are plenty of ways to infuse these hues into your home decor as you spice things up for the fall season. Here are some of our suggestions:


Riverside accent pieces

Since autumn is known for its browns and other low-key colors, there needs to be some playful decor to balance things out. You don't want your house coming off too moody. That's why we like using Riverside as an accent hue for a little boldness. Think oversized ceramic vases or a lush velvet accent chair in the color. Riverside is the perfect dusty blue to bring intrigue into your space while maintaining a sense of neutrality.


Warm Taupe natural elements

Every space needs a hint of nature to remain welcoming. The warmth of a real plant or a wooden structure goes a long way finishing out the feel and atmosphere of the space, which is why Warm Taupe natural elements are the exact addition that will keep things timeless and organic. It pairs well with the other colors in palette, making it an easy complement to any room.


Dusty Cedar luxe items

We're in love with dusty cedar because of its hearty take on the oh-so-delicate rose-toned pink. Staying in line with the vibe of welcoming warmth, Dusty Cedar will do well coloring the luxe items you choose to dress up a space. Perhaps you'll choose this tone for an uber-soft throw blanket and/or a cool leather piece of furniture.


Lush Meadow entertaining accessories

Whether it's glassware, greenery, or serving utensils, any entertaining accessories will shine with elegance and richness when utilized in Lush Meadow. An emerald green that never goes out of style, this hue is reminiscent of holiday coziness while elevating the overall style and elegance of the space. 


Using Pantone's Fall Color Palette in Beauty

We all know that fashion and beauty are undeniably intertwined, and that's why it's important to take a look at these colors for your beauty needs. Stay on top of the trends this fall with these tips.


Sharkskin for eyeshadow

As fall transitions into winter with no real divide, there is always room for frosty, shimmering makeup looks that err on the side of contemporary coolness. None of that sparkly mess you remember from your pre-teen days. Sharkskin's almost metallic sheen is perfect for highlighting the rims of your eyes for a neutral beauty look that still pops.


Aurora Red for lips

Is there anything more classically beautiful than a bold red lip? We didn't think so either. What we love most about Aurora Red for lipstick is the fact that it is more sensual than bright reds--it's a bit warmer and is a color of total confidence. It'd be hard not to feel fabulous with lips this color.


Potter's Clay for bronzer and undertones

There is perhaps no color that screams "It's fall, y'all!" quite like Potter's Clay does. With toasty, rusty hues of orange, this tone is a must for almost every fall season. It's more dynamic than plain ole' brown, which is why it would look lovely warming up your cheekbones in the form of a light bronzer. Give your face that autumn glow with this neutral color that's meant to last.


Using Pantone's Fall Color Palette in Fashion

Last but not least, the reason this color palette was created in the first place--fashion. Although every single color has a place in your fall fashion wardrobe, we thought we'd give you our tips for not only standing out this season, but wearing these fun, seasonal colors the right way. 


Airy Blue for statement pieces

We are obsessed with this pale blue color not only for its versatility but also because of its ability to make you feel super calm and collected. It is a fabulous color that will pair well with most fall tones, and that's why it'd do great as your main piece. Wear Airy Blue as your oversized fuzzy scarf or polished duster jacket. You can't lose.


Spicy Mustard for bags

Handbags are always quite seasonal, so it's only right that you start fall off with a gorgeous Spicy Mustard bag. It will bring vibrancy to your autumn ensembles, not to mention an enticing touch to your workwear wardrobe.  Point blank, this hue is a must for your autumn accessories.


Bodacious for "wow" factor

This playful purple tone is flirtatious and a bit unexpected for the cool months of fall, making it a statement-maker all on its own. Not needing many other colors to rely on, Bodacious is your "wow" factor if you're headed out on a first date or want feel powerful during the daytime. Find a blouse or frock in this color, and you'll be a fashion force to be reckoned with.


Which new fall color will you be putting to use this season?


The Drift Babes