Drab to Fab: "Old" Things Are No Match for Founder Roberta's Resourcefulness

Some people can't go a week without something new. You know those people. They just have to pick something up from the store, whether it be something as simple as a new hair accessory or something more extreme, like an expensive new pair of shoes. And there's nothing wrong with those people. In fact, sometimes we find ourselves hankering for something new a little too often. What can we say, it's the inner diva that lives inside of us.

But then there's Roberta, our president. She is the queen of getting crafty. Her eclectic style inspired all of the quirky and colorful designs you see at Drift. Although Roberta's style is eclectic, it remains simple. In fact, when she finds a garment she likes, she'll wear it for years. She'll wear the same, tried-and-true garments over and over again and hold onto them forever. Hey, when you like something, why get rid of it, right?

The only problem with Roberta's commitment to her clothes was the fact that the clothing became too worn. Too broken in, to the point where rips and holes would appear. While tears are signs of a garment well-loved, Roberta wasn't ready to give up her favorites. So she got innovative instead. 

Resourcefulness Redefined

When Roberta's pink shorts became too worn and ripped, she started patching them up. And not in the "try to hide the patch" kind of way, but, rather, in the way where the patches became the main event.

To say Roberta took both these pairs of shorts from drab to fab would be an understatement! Her creativity is truly inspiring. Not only does she get to keep her favorite garments, but she also gives them a whole new life, perfectly representing her personality. And that's what style is all about! If you look closely enough, you can see all the little stitching, patches, and details Roberta added. 

Roberta's resourcefulness doesn't just stop at her clothing, though. In every area of her life, she gives a new use to something that's seen better days. Take her ironing board, for example. The vintage wooden board usually meant for straightening out clothing now doubles as a jam-machine. 

Daily jam seshes would not be possible without Roberta's ironing board! On it, she plays her drums and other fun instruments. Then, there's her tufted chair, which needed a little pizazz. So, what'd Roberta do? She embellished it with funky circle brooches.

How gorgeous is that?! It seems as if nothing is ever "old" when it comes to Roberta and her creative mind, and we love that. It just goes to show that everything can have multiple uses if you think out of the box a bit! Which brings us to remember what our All Tied Up Dress is all about... repurposing the things we see everyday to make something completely new. 

Roberta working on the All Tied Up Dress.

Roberta working on the All Tied Up Dress.

So, next time you're wondering what to do with an old pair of shorts or a past-its-prime chair, just ask yourself: WWRD?

What would Roberta do?



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