3 Tips for Dressing Like Fall Even When It's Hot Out

We hope all of our fellow Drifters had a fun and safe Labor Day weekend! We had a wonderful time up here in Cape Cod with a beach "lobstah" bake (check out the video on our Facebook!), but now it's back to business.

Since Drift On Island is based out of, well, the islands, it can be hard to translate seasonal fashion trends to fit our style. After all, the beach doesn't exactly get any snow! So it can be a little frustrating trying to fit in with the rest of the world.

If you also live somewhere hot, you know how hard it can be to embrace fall while it's still 85 degrees. But just because we are island dwellers doesn't mean we don't like to change up our style with the seasons... What kind of fashion girls would we be?! With that being said, we've had to come up with some creative yet simple ways to transition our summer style into fall fashion. So here are some of our tried-and-true simple tips for dressing like fall even when it's hot out.


1. Choose one fall item

In the early days of fall, don't get carried away with thick-knit cardigans and knee-high boots. You need to gently introduce fall items into your wardrobe. So we recommend picking up a light scarf or ankle booties to add a little fall flavor to your flirty, breezy dresses. A pair of jeans could also be the ticket to making a colorful top transition with the seasons.


2. Wear autumn colors

Sure, it might be too warm to wear long-sleeves and skinny jeans together, but that doesn't have to stop you from looking seasonally stylish. The trick here is to wear items that have dominant autumnal colors like mustard, olive green, maroon, brown, etc. 


3. Layer like a pro

Lastly, we recommend smart layering. Layering sweaters and tights can be one of the best parts about fall fashion, but sometimes those garments are too warm. Instead, a light chambray shirt would look fantastic on top of the I Can Do Anything Dress (above). The key is to keep your bottom layers breathable so you're not a hot mess... just hot (in a good way)! 



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