The Drift on Island Couture Fashion


Drift on Island has its own unique, handmade Couture collection. Every piece is a one of kind design created entirely by Roberta Hurlburt. No one will ever have the piece you purchase, nor will you see the designs anywhere else.

For those who don’t know, Couture is defined as exclusive custom-fitted clothing that is made from high quality and often unusual fabric. This high-end fashion style is sewn with extreme attention to detail. It is a time-consuming process that deals with various hand-executed techniques.

“I want to bring craft and art back to America. I want to introduce a new and fresh take on the couture style,” said Hurlburt. “I draw a lot of inspiration from the island style, boating culture and beach scene.” The Drift Couture Collection is a stand out luxury look that fits any type of getaway. There are so many colors, patterns and look that can be incorporated with all occasions. It is definitely a collection you can rock from a tropical paradise all the way to a Cape Cod retreat.

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One of the key features of this collection is its versatility. You can easily wear one of these pieces as a beach cover-up and then quickly convert it into an evening wear for cocktail hour at the tiki bar. Drift, of course, offers these designs and styles for all body types. Feel free to check out our exclusive Drift Couture Collection and get one for your next vacation.