How to Successfully (and Stylishly) Layer for Winter

Cold weather can be a real bummer. You can't frolic around in your favorite mini dress, and you definitely can't slip into a swimsuit without a hot tub in close proximity. Being islanders, we sometimes forget that freezing temperatures affect everyone else, so today, this post is for you.

This post is for the fashionistas shivering in their boots, dodging snowflakes and hunkering down next to the fireplace. It's for our Drifters who are dreaming of warmer days but still have to survive a winter before the sun returns.

It's pretty easy to throw in the proverbial fashion towel when it's cold out and simply bundle up in whatever's warmest, pushing style to the wayside. But think about it: Do you want to look back on photos from winter 2017, only to be embarrassed by your lack of cute cold-weather fashion? Didn't think so.

That's why we're helping you learn how to layer with purpose. Because you can actually look stylish while preserving warmthyou just need to know the right tricks. And we've got them.


Get Creative

Not all of us have a robust winter wardrobe full of countless options. So when the temperatures start to drop, it's best to start getting creative with what you already have. You can surprisingly turn a lot of warm-weather pieces into cold-weather wear. For example, you can layer a nude or white turtleneck underneath this dress for a trendy twist. You can also pair cozy socks, booties, knit beanies, and fun tights with any of your flirty frocks to make them weather-appropriate.


Have a Statement Coat

When in doubt, pull out the big guns. In the case of winter layering, we mean a statement coat. Having a fabulous topper like this one or this one will take the eyes off the rest of your look, giving you lots of freedom with your outfit. A statement coat is a no-fuss solution to blistery cold days when all you want to do is stay in bed forever.


Know Your Fabrics

Lastly, when choosing from your existing wardrobe to put together a winter ensemble, it's important to keep the materials in mind. You wouldn't want to wear mesh, for example. Pick out the pieces with sturdier textiles such as this suede skirt. Not only is suede a warmer fabric, but it's must more seasonally appropriate than, say, lace. Then pair it with you favorite cold-weather accessories, and you've got a killer outfit that actually keeps you warm. It's a win-win!


What's your biggest challenge with winter outfits?



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