The Story Behind The All About the Button Dress

The inspiration behind the All About the Button Dress is a very unique story. Drift on Island’s designer, Roberta Hurlburt, was out buying new material for her future clothing designs. When she came across the pattern for the All About the Button Dress, she instantly fell in love. The distinct pattern and vivid color were all too appealing to pass up.

After she purchased the fabric, she hit the drawing board and immediately the design sprung into her head. An adjustable halter neck cocktail dress with an open back and button closure. Hurlburt wanted to find a special add-on to complete her design, so she decided to search through her button boxes. In her studio, she has a couple collections of buttons that her mother and grandmother wore on their clothes. Hurlburt likes to draw inspiration and keep the spirit of her fashion forward parents in her work.

As Hurlburt was combing through the vintage buttons, she discovered one that actually matched perfectly with the fabric she bought. “I had this overwhelming feeling that it was just meant to be, as if it were fate,” said Hurlburt. The button she found was from the 1960s and she purchased the fabric in 2016.

It was the perfect piece to finish the ensemble and tie the entire look together. “History does repeat itself, even in a little button,” said Hurlburt. “It’s just incredible.” It definitely goes to show, that fashion trends and patterns always comes back into style with time.