The Creation of Drift’s Fishnet Couture


Drift On Island’s Couture line features an exclusive fishnet design created entirely by Roberta Hurlburt, our founder and designer. Hurlburt uses fishnet to weave and create a unique piece that can only be found here at Drift. She had been toying with the idea of designing clothes with weaved fishnet for quite some time.

Spending all her summers in Cape Cod, she was often surrounded by fishnet and sea life. Her parent’s home was even decorated with fishnet throughout the entire household. It was usual for Hurlburt and her siblings to find shells, starfish and other beach treasures and tie them to the fishnet hanging all over the house.


Drift’s signature fishnet idea came to Hurlburt during the summer of 2015 at the Cape Cod studio. While at the Cape, Hurlburt decided to enter the Fishin’ for Fashion Show that takes place in Boothbay Harbor, ME. One of the main aspects of the show is that the designers have to create a look made completely of fishing gear. They were allowed to use any item that a fisherman would use to make a fashionable ensemble. Hurlburt immediately decided to push ahead with her weaved fishnet idea to create an amazing outfit for the show.

Hurlburt worked for a month on her design. In the end, she came up with The Siren Dress, a sleek, intricate creation weaved with muslin throughout a fishnet pattern. This was the first concept for Drift On Island’s trademark fishnet Couture collection. Since then, Hurlburt has created a variety of styles, colors and patterns with her coined fishnet design. These chic, trendy pieces are attractive and distinctive. There are different pieces made for all body types, so every woman will feel special wearing a one of a kind design created just for them. Check out the gorgeous fishnet fashions today!



Drift On Island